Tree & Shrub Fertiliser Spikes

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Our fertiliser spikes are formulated to provide the nutrients trees and shrubs need to grow and thrive. They come pre-measured to provide just the right amount of nutrients without surface fertiliser runoff. Just hammer the spikes into the soil under the plant’s dripline and the spikes do the rest.
NPK 15-3-3
9 spikes per pack

-For best results, apply in early spring and late fall.
-Water well before application
-Using a hammer and the plastic driving cap, drive spikes even with the soil’s surface.
-Remove the cap and continue hammering spike at least two more inches below the surface.
-Spikes should be evenly spaced in a circle along the tree’s dripline

NOTE: Never insert spikes closer than 30 inches from the tree trunk
Recommended for use on deciduous trees and shrubs such as oak, maple, birch, sweet gum, elm, poplar and honey-locust. Great for flowering trees such as dogwood, Bradford pear, crab-apple, redbud, and flowering cherry and plum.