Premium Weedcontrol Fabric

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The ultimate high performance weed control fabric.

The moulded plastic film uses unique micro funnel technology. Thousands of micro funnels in each piece of fabric allow the free flow of water, air and nutrients through to the soil while blocking light, thereby keeping plants healthy and stopping weed growth.

Lightweight yet durable the plastic sheet is easy to install and will conform to the shape of the landscape.

100% uniform, there are no weak spots ensuring maximum performance.
When protected from UV with a mulch covering, the material will last for a minimum of 15 years making it ideal for use in permanent landscaping areas.

Ensure that the ground is clear of weeds and particularly their roots. Lay the fabric immediately after the ground is prepared. Make a X incision in the fabric where you want plants.
Insert the plants and apply a mulching material to cover the fabric to a depth of at least 50mm.
This will increase the life of the fabric and help to reduce moisture evaporation.

Size per roll: 0.91 x 12m