Houseplant Fertiliser Sticks with organic Guano


Devonia Fertiliser Sticks are specially designed to feed all types of houseplants where they need it most, right at the root. The specially composed formula provides vigorous and healthy growth and has been specially designed to feed all varieties of houseplants directly at the roots. The compact slow-release formula deploys a constant supply of nutrients without over feeding.
Pre-measured, to give your plants the right amount of nutrient dosage, and by feeding below the ground, away from the soil surface, our slow-release formula prevents waste and runoff.


Push required number of sticks just below the soil surface around the plant, halfway between plant stem and rim of pot.
Water after use.
Watering the plant as usual, the nutrients will gradually dissolve, slow releasing into the plant’s roots.

Repeat every 3 month for best results.

Recommended for philodendrons, peace lilies, zebra plants, dieffenbachia, and other non-blooming plants.