Flowering Houseplant Fertiliser Sticks with organic Guano


Houseplants and other vibrant blooms can go a long way towards brightening your home or landscape, which is why our Flowering Plant Fertiliser Sticks supply important nutrients at the roots where your plants need it most.
Unlike typical fertilisers our specially formulated spikes don’t wash away when you water, making them hazard- and mess-free.

Plus, no mixing or measuring is required – just insert into the soil around the plant, then apply every 3 month.


For best results, insert new sticks every 3 month. Just push each spike into the soil around the plant, halfway between the plant stem and the edge of the pot, until the spike is just below the surface.

The nutrients are gradually released to the plant’s roots, safely and continuously, every day. Water after inserting sticks

NPK 14-7-8 (+2)
50 sticks per pack